Frequently Asked Questions

Skills Training

Individuals are eligible if they have a qualifying disability, including, but not limited to an intellectual or developmental disability.

The Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agency for each Illinois region determines eligibility. The ISC agency serving Madison and St. Clair counties in Illinois is:

Prairieland Service Coordination Inc. (Area K) Developmental Disabilities Services

2130 A Vadalabene Drive
Maryville, IL

Phone: (618) 288-1897
TTY: None
Fax: (618) 288-4016


Skills Training services are funded in a few different ways. If an individual is found to be eligible for services and meets one of the following criteria, they have funding required for these services:

  • has been awarded PUNS funding (Medicaid Waiver)
  • lives in an Intermediate Care Facility for persons with Developmental Disabilities
  • chooses to private pay.
Skills Training provides transportation to all individuals participating in services. Transportation may be provided by Challenge Unlimited directly, utilizing one of our vehicles and a trained driver, or may coordinate transportation with the local transit district for door-to-door shuttle service. Individuals and families may choose to utilize local public transportation or provide transportation to and from Skills Training themselves.

Services are based on person-centered planning and the goals desired by the individual. Skills Training services are provided at our facilities and in communities throughout the Metro East area. Community inclusion, group supported employment, personal development and health/wellness are just a few areas of support for individuals served.

Employment Services

No, our services provide support to find community employment. ES staff support in building resumes, job searching, completing job applications and interviews. We aim to teach you the tools needed and provide the level of support needed to be successful in finding your own job!

Our services are based on an individual approach, meaning each person will progress through the program at their own pace, job goals and the job market also play a role in the length of time it takes to become employed.

No, the employment Service Program comes at no cost. We are funded by the state of IL.

Anyone with a documented disability qualifies for employment services documentation can come from a school (i.e. P 4 diagnostic testing or medical documentation.)

Residential Options

Yes, a Direct Support Professional on schedule 24 hours a day, every day to assist the individuals with life skills, transportation, community engagement.

Most of our CILA homes have private (single) bedrooms available in our 4 – 8 bed homes. Our ICF homes have double (semi-private) bedrooms available in our 16 bed homes.

We provide services for adults only, not children, so all individuals receiving services must be at least 18 years of age.

Individuals who have a developmental disability documented prior to the age of 22, have the Medicaid Waiver funding to support them, or they are private pay.

Individuals who have a developmental disability as their primary diagnosis documented prior to the age of 22, and are eligible for Medicaid funding, or private pay.

Individuals who have a mental illness as their primary diagnosis can live in a CILA, are eligible for Medicaid funding, or they are private pay.

  • Daily living skills – dressing, grooming, meals, ambulation, healthy choices
  • Independent living skills – cooking, housekeeping/home maintenance, relationship building, money management, shopping, medical advocacy
  • Transportation
  • Coping skills – relaxation, symptom identification / management
  • Medication management / education
  • Community connections

Only if they meet the criteria as an individual (see eligibility requirement above).

Project CU, Inc.

For Individuals

1) Project CU employs individuals with Intellectual and Development (I/DD) Disability Diagnosis.

2) Project CU hires diverse staff from the production and social services fields to provide these employment opportunities.

3) Project CU works as a subcontractor to businesses to provide packaging, hand assembly, and quality management services.

4) Project CU provides opportunities for volunteering, real and in-kind, to engage the community and everyone’s unique skills in our mission.

5) Project CU is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.

1) How can I apply for a position working at Project CU?

2) What documentation is required for eligibility?

  • You will need documentation of your disability diagnosis. This information will be submitted to the Missouri Department of Education for eligibility certification. If you are under age 25 you will also need a “C Letter” of case closure from the Missouri Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

3) When do I start?

  • We will meet with you to discuss scheduling needs, the program parameters, and tour PCU. We are flexible to your employment and program needs and will customize the experience to individual skills and personal goals.

For Businesses & Organizations

Contact our sales Manager at (314) 282-3975. Discuss your subcontracting needs and request a bid.

Extended Employment is an opportunity for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) who are seeking an employment experience with high level staffing support and vocational training to begin working and develop their skills and knowledge of an employment relationship.

Our employees are paid for both the work they perform and for their time spent on vocational training. Pay rates vary on a sliding scale based upon local prevailing wage and individual production level. Every job, and every individual has a customized rate of pay based upon a standard governed by the Depart of Labor.