Food Service


At Challenge Unlimited, we are in the business of nourishment—feeding bodies, minds, and careers. Serving over a million meals annually, our dining services are designed to save our clients time and resources, resulting in reduced costs, higher margins, and quality environments.

Unmatched Culinary Expertise for Diverse Customers

Our operations are a testament to precision, care, and the ability to cater to many needs. From the strategic bases of the Department of Defense to the energetic halls of schools and the crucial care in hospitals, Challenge Unlimited delivers unmatched culinary services. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest of quality, whether it’s a custom-crafted dining experience or a quick service operation.

Woman cashier hands to-go container to man at checkout.

Food Service Solutions

Embrace diversity in every meal. Partner with Challenge Unlimited for food services that are as inclusive as they are delicious:

Food & Mess Attendant Services

Including Ensuring Orderly and Clean Dining Spaces.

Food Prep

Including Preparation of Nutritious and Culinary Varied Meals.


Including Expertly Cooked Meals Catered to a Global Palate.

Box Meal Prep

Convenient and Quality Meals On-the-go for Various Settings.

Carry Out Services

Quick and Efficient Service for Busy Customers.

Equipment & Dining Facility

Including Maintaining High Standards of Hygiene with Equipment Care and Spotless Dining Areas.

Cashier Services

Including Efficient and Friendly Transactions.

Inventory Management

Including Supplies Inventory, Ordering, and Agile Restocking.

Woman wearing a chef hat gives an "okay" hand gesture


Challenge Unlimited is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.

Our safety goals include:
  • Strive for zero incidents

  • Become an industry leader in safety performance

  • Ensure that our workforce is fully knowledgeable of safety and uses best practices in hazard prevention

  • Raise individual responsibility and accountability to the highest level

  • Achieve safety best practices in all aspects of our operations

  • Ensure that safety is the foundation on which we build customer service excellence

Woman wearing a chef hat gives an "okay" hand gesture


Our operations focus on energy efficiency, water conservation, and minimizing our carbon footprint. Through strong community partnerships and adherence to stringent environmental standards, we ensure our food services not only nourish but also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Our Customers

We have worked alongside many Air Force and Army bases of the U.S. Department of Defense, General Services Administration, and State/County Government Offices to develop customized solutions and provide the necessary support to achieve food service excellence.

“I am very pleased to recommend Challenge Unlimited as a Food Service Contractor. They have always been flexible, reliable, and professional in exceeding all contract requirements.”

Robert J., Scott Air Force Base