Employment Services


Challenge Unlimited has provided Employment Services to support job seekers with disabilities in obtaining employment for over 45 years and sees it as a core component of our mission. Employment Services consists of three programs: Placement Services, Supported Employment, and Customized Employment. These services are available in throughout the St. Louis Region in Illinois and Missouri and assist individuals with disabilities in finding jobs through job readiness training, competitive job placement, job coaching, and employment retention. The program works in collaboration with businesses and organizations. It emphasizes personalized job placement and ongoing support, ensuring program participants successfully obtain a job of their choice while enhancing workplace diversity, inclusion, and morale.

Collaboration creates a bridge between talented individuals with disabilities and supportive workplaces. Through personalized job placement and continued support, the program helps individuals secure employment and fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment in the workplace. This dedication to enhancing workplace inclusion and morale benefits the individuals involved and contributes to a more diverse and thriving workforce for partners.

Kenneth on the job at Wendy's

Placement Services

Program participants work one-on-one with Challenge Unlimited placement staff to identify job preferences and goals.

Focus areas include:
  • Help job seekers locate and secure employment within their area of interest.

  • Resume Building

  • Job Seeking and Retention Skills

  • Interview Techniques

Dawson on the job

Supported Employment

provide job exploration, competitive job placement, and on-the-job support. Training is offered to build communication skills and maintain competitive employment. Once a job is secured, trained Challenge Unlimited staff provide job coaching.

Services include:
  • Support to learn social communication skills needed for on-the-job success

  • Determining work supports that will provide what an individual needs to be successful at work

  • Support to learn social communication skills needed for on-the-job success

  • Establishing natural supports on the job for long-term fulfillment

On the job at Andria's Steakhouse

Work Assessments

Allow individuals to complete job tasks in community businesses to help determine the best job matches and decisions for employment.

Services include:
  • Engage in diverse work experiences.

  • Skill Assessments help participants to determine personal skills and abilities

  • Assess readiness for competitive work.

  • Explore suitable career paths.

“Successfully found a job I enjoy!”

Charee B., Supported Employment

“The program and staff have been helpful.”

Nathaniel H., Supported Employment

“CU staff made a great effort for me to have and maintain a job.”

Eugene T., Supported Employment

“Really enjoyed working with Miguel. Felt supported and understood throughout the program.”

Ben G., Supported Employment

“Working with Karla has been a very positive experience. She put me at ease with her experience and insight.”

Jayden B., Supported Employment

“Felt heard and got the help that I needed.”

Liam K., Supported Employment